These are small projects that I’ve made for myself since I started programming, going from oldest to newest. Most of these projects were made to fill in a gap in my overall workflow, and to make my life easier.




  • Python Project
  • First time working with JSON data from a website
  • Created using UrlLib
  • When you initialize the script, it creates a folder where the images will be stored if it doesn’t already exist. You input an artist that you want to look up, and amount of images, and then Python scrapes the website from newest to oldest. It checks if the image you’re dowloading is already downloaded, and if it is, it moves onto the next image.


I wrote this script to automate the process of downloading images from artists I follow.

Hielo Caluculator



Hielo GUI



  • C# Project
  • CLI and GUI Calculator with trigometric conversions, basic functionality, and unit conversions + more
  • Uses Decimal type numbers for extremely precise calculations, more precise than floats or doubles
  • GUI Made with Avalonia Framework for cross-platform synergy


I couldn’t find a CLI Calculator that I liked and had functions for trigonometry and much more, so I made my own. It has lots of functions and it’s extremely simple to use, since it’s setup with an enumeration menu, making the process extremely easy to use and understand. Due to the limitations that floats and doubles have, as in they’re not as precise as they should be, I decided to use the Decimal type, which allows for 64 bit numbers, meaning the caluculations the calucator will do are as precise as possible. The GUI is clean and simple, and all the buttons are in the usual spot that they should be in, which gives the user the freedom to choose, depending on their preference of GUI or CLI.


Live Usage:



Notifications Demo:



  • C# Project
  • Todo List with SQLite Database and Notification support


I wanted a simple CLI todo list application to keep track of the things I needed to do, but I couldn’t find any that I liked, so I made my own. Plastico only has 3 options, but it comes with the benefit of notifications every 30 minutes and it’s ran locally, so DDoS attacks, Cross-site Scripting, and SQL Injections aren’t an issue.

Internet Speed Test




  • Java Project
  • Android App
  • An extremely simple Java application that gets a IPv5 Address with Network Interface, finds Ping by using ProcessBuilder and using the ping command, calculates Upload Speed with an external library, and calculates Download Speed by the application downloading a file and storing the time taken.


I wanted to make an Android application, to get some Java experience in, and I ended up learning how to style with XML, and work with the Android side of Java.


App Drawer:


Home Menu:


Settings Menu:


Search Utility:



  • Fork of OLauncher, simple Kotlin Launcher
  • Android App


I used OLauncher and I really liked the application, however I didn’t like some of the features, so I decided to fork it and customize it to my liking. First time building off an already existing project.

Feature changes:

  • Removed daily wallpaper, removes internet permission.
  • Removed lock screen feature, removes admin permissions.
  • Added double tap gesture which opens apps.
  • Filters apps by package name, allowing for apps to match with Non-Latin languages.
  • Added new theme
  • Changed font



  • Clojure project
  • Static site engine that parses markdown and converts it to HTML. Supports tagging.


I wanted to write a blog but I didn’t want to use an existing web framework/static site builder to build it. I decided to build my own static site engine that suits my needs and works as intended.